You’ll experience an honest church. Someone once said, “Church would make perfect sense if you just put a sign above the door that reads ‘PRETEND.’” We figure that rather than putting up such a sign we should just quit pretending. You’ll find real people, loving some parts of life and suffering intensely through others. But when we join together, we know God is with us. We worship with a huge old-school pipe organ, creative young and old musicians, choirs — you name it! It’s all about loving Jesus, so we worship freely and without divisions.

We probably celebrate too much, and to the charge of “biblical obsession” we are almost definitely guilty. But we genuinely believe that God’s Word is more powerful and wonderful than any other text on Earth. It’s a great place to bring your toughest biblical and theological questions because we love them. You’ll quickly sense that no question is off limits; this is a learning community. And we know from experience that living according to the way of Jesus is brutal, costly, painful, and intensely beautiful all at the same time. So you’ll find that the CB community is committed to obeying Jesus as the King of all creation, and we will welcome everyone into his life every chance we get.

Come visit!

Let us know if you have any questions at all: [email protected]

Our main worship gathering happens at 10:00a.m., every Sunday.