Our Mission

Welcoming Everyone into Jesus’ Life

Our Vision 

If you summed up everything that we are trying to do under one banner, it would read something like this: “To become the most honest, grounded, life-giving community possible.” We believe that all goodness stems directly from Jesus Christ, so our best hope is to follow his lead and invite our neighbors to do the same.

Our Values

 We value people.

We think that all human beings are genuine miracles, built with precision and complexity by the Creator of the universe. In this sense every person is infinitely valuable.

 We value the Scriptures.

We think that any attempt to live in-step with Jesus means we need to know Jesus, for real, based on what he says. The Old and New Testaments are equally valuable to us, and we are constantly learning to live and breathe the Word of God.

We value discipleship.

The root word for “disciple” is “learner,” and we value the life of ongoing, fruitful learning with one another and the Savior. We pray that we never stop at knowledge but proceed to the understanding of the heart and the wisdom to view the world through the eyes of faith.

We value questions.

Doubts and reservations are not in and of themselves negative; we believe that our deepest questions are the beginnings of good inquiries, questions that are worth trying to answer. So we value all questions, considering nothing off limits.

We value prayer.

We are learning to depart from any habit of prayer that treats God like a granter of wishes. Instead, we value communion and conversation with him, and we are praying constantly with respect and love for God. Our goal with every prayer is to become more faithful, more honest, and more in-tune with the God we love.

We value Portland.

God loves this city, so we love this city, too. Yeah, PDX keeps it weird and blindsides you once in a while. Sure, it is dark and difficult half the time. But even more, it is a collection of rich culture and beautiful miracles! We view this city as a home for many thousands of God’s people – a place we value so much that investing our very lives into it is worth it.