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Everything that has been made was made through God, our Creator and our King. Every heartbeat, every blink of the eye, every capacity we have and every resource we possess — all is truly a gift from God.

By recognizing this ongoing, kind-hearted generosity from God, we see a part of his divine nature. And he has taught us that giving to the local church is a powerful way for us to participate in that same divine nature. We not only honor God and break free from the shackles of self-centeredness through giving, but we step boldly into the true Christian freedom that God alone offers.

Therefore, giving is not to be done out of obligation, but it is instead a pure act of worship and thankfulness. We worship this way through regular, joyful giving that flows from the abundance of our hearts and our recognition of God as the greatest giver of all. He is our King, and we are his people.