When Where What?

This sharpening experience for junior high and high school students is a no-holds-barred arena for questioning Christianity and “faith,” exploring doubts, and learning critical thinking skills. It’s all about searching for truth. Through guided discussions, seminars and creative assignments, we are together forming patterns of ongoing biblical study and Christian thought. Cutting through the often frustrating ambiguities of cliché and status-quo reasoning is not easy, so we raise the bar high and spur one another on.

Our goal is to become learners who engage with the Holy Scriptures not as mere collections of facts but as God’s life-giving, active truth that moves us to know and grow.

Students learn through discussion forums and small-group seminars, which are organized under five main banners:

1. Bible/Bible Study Methods

2. Christian Theology/Ethics

3. Church History/Literature

4. Science/Mathematics

5. Philosophy/Apologetics